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Domain Extension: Website: Registration: Jun 30th, 2016 Expiration: Jun 30th, 2020
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Description: New mouth spray could eliminate need for pills and syringes. A new
way to take everyday medication that could eradicate the need for
pills and syringes is set to hit Australian shelves. Transforming
existing prescription drugs into a mouth spray meaning smaller doses,
less side effects and the active ingredients can take effect up to 10
times faster. The lining of the mouth is highly vascularised, meaning
theres lots of blood vessels. So rather than going through the gut
and the liver before getting into the blood system, it goes directly
into the blood system via the jugular. is an exact
match domain name and has immense branding potential for a start-up in
virtually any niche.
Keywords: mouth spray, medicinal marijuana, medicinal cannabis, medical care

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